Posted by Michael Stern on July 05, 2007

For those who grew up thinking of bologna as a circle of pale pink lunchmeat about 1/16-inch thin, a fried bologna sandwich is not such an appetizing concept; but if you actually order one of these sandwiches in a restaurant that takes it seriously, such as the G & R Tavern of Waldo, Ohio, your image of bologna will never again be the same.

In this friendly community tavern, the bologna is sliced thick and is seriously flavorful stuff, a pork and beef blend that is garlic-scented and fatty enough that when it sizzles in a skillet, it develops a wickedly savory crust enveloping the moist meat within.
G & R loads it into a sandwich with sweet pickles and onion (a great condiment combo), or your choice of mustard, mayonnaise, or tomato. Fitting side dishes include a variety of deep fried vegetables and curly fries.

If for some reason, you are a fried-food-frowner, G&R also offers a bologna salad sandwich; and because this bologna is so much better than the spongy packaged stuff, the salad reminds us of something made with good ham, but smoother.

Posted by John on July 31, 2013

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Subject: One of the best!!!
Message: I have had many bologna sandwich's in my life but nothing in this world comes close to a G & R Tavern bologna sandwich.Also the experience of sitting in this tavern and looking around just gives you a warm feeling that the food is homemade. And the pieces of pie are huge which means only homemade will do!! The staff is also great, they are very friendly. Just can't imagine going through life without having had a G&R fried bologna sandwich. And a special thanks to Eric for suggesting the pie.

Posted by Joe Silva on July 29, 2014

Name:   Joe Silva
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Subject:        Great Place To Eat
Message:        I stopped today to try the world famous bologna sandwich. What a great sandwich!!! But the big suprise was the customer service I recieved. I have dined in places all over the US. I have never received the customer service like I did today. The waitress that waited on me was the best waitress I have ever had in my life. I ordered the world famous bologna and she took her time and told me how it was prepared and what was on it. After placing the order, she made sure to see if we needed anything else or refills on our beverages. I was looking at the menu and saw you sold bologna salad. I asked what it was. She kindly explained what it was. A minute later while we are waiting for our food, she comes by with a little sample of the bologna salad and some crackers. At the end of our outstanding meal, she asked if we wanted a refill on our beverage and a lid so that we could drink it as we were driving home. I am going to chuckle to think that when I talk to people in the future, that I get to tell them the best meal and service I have ever recieved was at a Tavren eating a bologna sandwich. Thank you so much for all of your hard work you do and making my visit to your place the best experience I have ever had dinning out.